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Amitava Nag edits cinema magazine Silhouette ( and writes extensively on cinema. He also writes poems and short fictions in English and Bengali, his topics mostly veering on the sub-alterns. Amitava Nag works in a software company to earn his daily rice and dreams of making his own film one day.

DIFF 2016 – A Peek at the Indian Shor...

Short films, like short stories have come now to stay. At a time when the consumer himself is the producer and everyone has an apparent scarcity of time, short films suit every stake holder.  Generally the budget of a short film is far less than a commercial venture which makes the young enthusiast try his/her luck at film-making. Yet, like [...]

The Pather Panchali Sketchbook – An I...

Arguably India’s greatest filmmaker Satyajit Ray prepared the script of his first filmPather Panchali in the form of a sketch book in lieu of a traditional screenplay. The sketches were a visual guide to the film maker and one can’t but be astonished to see that there is indeed a very close resemblance between the sketches and the actual fil [...]

An Indian Film Theory?

For quite some time now film scholars have discussed and debated the relevance and importance of the ‘national’ cinema vis-a-vis the Western or more prevalent Hollywood films. They have argued the scope of cultural specificity in the paradigm of cinema studies and have observed that within the national cinema as well there are ‘centre’-s and [...]

Love as Obsession: Reading Alfred Hit...

In his seminal book The Imaginary Signifier: Psychoanalysis and the Cinema, Christian Metz remarked ‘…film is like a mirror… although… everything comes to be projected, there is one thing, and one thing only that is never reflected in it: the spectator’s own body…the mirror suddenly becomes a clear glass’. We will here, try to understand and [...]

The legend of Soumitra Chatterjee

[Photo Courtsey : Amitava Nag] “I have always been in doubt about my work. I always thought that entertainment business was not worthwhile but time and again for more than 50 years I have been accepted, loved and made to feel as one of my own by my countrymen. I love them [viewers] and that is the reason why I am doing cinema. I salute them [...]

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