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NB Nair is Executive Editor of Indian Science Journal. He has been a Broadcaster/TV/Digital Media journalist for about 25 years - with brands like All India Radio, NewsX, ANI-Reuters, UNI Television, Amrita Television, now specialising in Science Communication.

More than half of Indians can’t affor...

Financial constraints force more than half of Indians to take treatment for ailments without medical advice.  The situation is worse in urban areas, where 68.3 per cent population could not afford to go to a doctor.  This was revealed in the latest round of survey on Health in India, by the National Sample Survey Organisation. The survey rel [...]

India carries world’s highest heart d...

Cardio vascular diseases (CVD) form bulk of non-communicable diseases in India, resulting in 2 million deaths every year. The incidence of CVD in India is estimated to be upto four times higher than other countries. The magnitude of it in India has reached pandemic proportions, with CVD accounting for 24% of all non-communicable deaths. Acco [...]

India sitting on an environmental tin...

India faces some of the gravest public health risks from environmental pollution, warns New Delhi-based environmental advocacy group, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). In the first-ever report on environmental linkages with health, CSE noted air pollution is one of the top 10 killers in the world and it is the fifth leading cause of [...]

Metabolic Syndrome : The Silent Kille...

Metabolic syndrome could be the leading killer in the coming years. One out of every third Indian is suffering from one or other form of heart diseases or 30 million heart patients in India. If the current trend continues, by 2020, India will have the highest burden of atherothombotic cardiovascular diseases and surpass any other country in [...]

Are we leaving undernourished to die ...

The Millennium Development Goal, MDG adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations lists eradication of extreme poverty and hunger on the top. The mandate of the UNGA is to eradicate poverty and hunger at least by half, alongwith 17 other goals including child mortality, maternal health, gender equality and empowerment of women, etc. [...]

Why AIDS gets higher slice of funds i...

Every second death in India occurs due to one or the other non-communicable disease and one in fourth is due to cardio-vascular disease. An estimated 45 million Indians suffer from coronary artery disease (CAD). At the current rate, India will have the highest number of cardio-vascular diseases (CVD) in the world. India’s is considered to be [...]

India hopes to replicate Pulse Polio ...

India hopes to replicate Pulse Polio strategy to immunise its children
New Delhi – India has launched an ambitious mission to reduce the burden of unvaccinated children, which currently is the highest in any country.  The mission, to be achieved in the next five years, will see borrowing the strategy employed to eradicate polio from the country.  Every year an estimated 2.64 births take place in India, out of wh [...]

India’s health officials clash over h...

India’s health officials clash over hazards of junk food
New Delhi  – What was meant to be a consultation among stakeholders in the health sector to ensuring quality of food products, convened by World Health Organsiation, WHO and the National Centre for Disease Control in New Delhi witnessed two officials of India’s federal health ministry clashing over junk food and health hazards.Dr.Jagdish Pras [...]

The smoke over smoking and cancer: ev...

The smoke over smoking and cancer: even India’s health ministry has no data on tobacco-related deaths
New Delhi – As India’s anti-tobacco activists and tobacco lobby take positions, the union Health Ministry does not even have any data on tobacco-related deaths in the country.  In reply to a Right to Information application (RTA), the Ministry said “No such information (number of estimated deaths in India due to smoking related diseases [...]

India’s public spending on heal...

India’s public spending on health ‘meagre’ – President
New Delhi – Exactly after almost a month and a half of his promise to the nation that his ‘government is committed to providing affordable and accessible healthcare to all its citizens’, President Pranab Mukherjee lamented on ‘meagre’ public expenditure on health. The Union Budget 2015-16, presented in Parliament by Fi [...]

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