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Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, a...

Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, and Michael Bloomberg of Bloomberg Philanthropies announce partnership to advance the Smart Cities Initiative
The Prime Minister described the Smart Cities Initiative as a challenging task, which nevertheless has to be undertaken to improve the quality of life for India’s urban citizens with stakeholder’s participation. (

Latin America grew solar power by 370...

Latin America grew solar power by 370% in 2014, expected to triple again in 2015
If there’s a place where solar power makes sense, it’s Latin America. The region has many problems, but lack of sun isn’t one of them. According to a report by GTM Research, the Latin American region (Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean) installed 625 megawatts of solar photovoltaics (PV) in 2014, a 370% [...]

Paris mayor wants more ‘pedestr...

Paris mayor wants more ‘pedestrianized’ city, doubling of bike lanes, and diesel ban by 2020​
Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, has called for big changes to The City of Light that that would make it a healthier and more livable place. At the top of her wishlist are more pedestrianized areas in the city and a doubling of bike lanes, along with a goal that will certainly prove to be controversial: A total ban on diesel cars in Paris by [...]

Interesting Experiment:France will pa...

Interesting Experiment:France will pay people to bike to work to see what happens
A 6-month experiment has begun in France to try to boost cycling. 20 companies and institutions with around 10,000 employees will be paying 25 Euro cents (about 34 US cents) per kilometer that is biked to the workplace. France isn’t the first country in Europe to do this; Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Britain have a var [...]

We’ll give you €10,000 if you s...

We’ll give you €10,000 if you swap that old diesel for a plug-in vehicle, says France govt
France is experimenting with all kinds of ways to reduce pollution from transportation, from paying people to bike to the classics, like creating more bike lanes and pedestrians areas. A new initiative, presented by former presidential candidate Ségolène Royal, who is now Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (long title!), [...]

Apple to build solar farm big enough ...

Apple to build solar farm big enough to power 60,000 homes, will power ‘Spaceship’ HQ
​ At a tech conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company would be building a gigantic new solar farm with First Solar to produce enough clean energy to not only power all of its new ‘Spaceship’ HQ in Cupertino, but all of it’s Californian operations. This is in addition to the multiple solar farms that Apple has [...]

Our Mission

Our Mission
Our mission is to improve public health, promote individual well-being and eliminate health disparities across India and around the world. Through this website, we hope to disseminate health related information and create public awareness. We aim to preserve, and improve the general health and hygiene of populations, communities, and individu [...]

What makes a city “Smart”...

Transport (#SmartCity) 1. Maximum travel time of 30 minutes in small & medium size cities and 45 minutes in metropolitan areas 2. Continuous unobstructed footpath of minimum 2m wide on either side of all street with RoW 12m or more 3. Dedicated and physically segregated bicycle tracks with a width of 2mor more, one in each direction, shou [...]

Why Nations Fail?

Economists James Robinson and Daron Acemoglu seek answers to the  origins of power, prosperity and poverty through their unique approach to economics – a series of insights explained through an anecdotal history of growth and development throughout the world.

Elusive World Heritage Tag for Delhi ...

Elusive World Heritage Tag for Delhi and Hyderabad?
Will UNESCO heritage tag remain elusive for both Delhi and Hyderabad? The World Heritage Committee is scheduled to meet in Bonn, Germany June next year to discuss which monuments would get the coveted World Heritage Site tag. Among the dossiers sent to UNESCO from India are those of a group of Hyderabad monuments – the Golconda Fort, Ch [...]

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