- anshuman tiwari

उन्नीस के बादअगर हम सियासत के गुबार से बाहर देख पाएं तो हमें कर्ज संकट से निबटने की तैयारी शुरु कर देनी चाहिए जो करीब दस-बारह महीने के बाद भारतीय अर्थव्‍यवस्‍था पर [...]

- anshuman tiwari

कायम रहे बीमारी !कागज देखना कुछ नहीं, टेलीफोन आया, लोन दे दो. लोन चुकाने का समय आया तो नया लोन दे दो. जो गया सो गया, जमा करने के लिए नया लोन दे दो. यही कुचक्र चलता गया [...]

- anshuman tiwari

ताकत देने के खतरे''सभी युद्ध अंततः खत्म हो जाते हैं, लेकिन सत्ता और सियासत जो ताकत हासिल कर लेती है वह हमेशा बनी रहती है.''    —फ्रैंक चोडोरोवभारत [...]

- anshuman tiwari

बाजी पलटने वाले!सियासत अगर इतिहास को नकारे नहीं तो नेताओं पर कौन भरोसा करेगा? सियासत यह दुहाई देकर ही आगे बढ़ती है कि इतिहास हमेशा खुद को नहीं दोहराता लेकिन बाजार इति [...]

- anshuman tiwari

लुटाने निचोड़ने का लोकतंत्रनवंबर 2015 में सरकार के एक बड़े मंत्री पूरे देश में घूम-घूमकर बता रहे थे कि कैसे उनकी सरकार पिछली सरकारों के पाप ढो रही है. सरकारों ने सस्ती और मुफ्त ब [...]


- Time Traveller

Aurangzeb: History as Nationalist ProjectsHe tossed a coin and it fell on the floor and the packed audience looked at the speaker in curious anticipation. It was at the Physics Lecture Theatre [...]

- Time Traveller

No Country for Fallen Soldier: Remembering Ghadar HeroesGhadar NewspaperWhat is our name? Ghadar(Revolution). What is our work? Ghadar. Where will be the revolution? In India…within a few years – thus st [...]

- Time Traveller

From Naxalbari to Bastar: Red Shadow Over IndiaCharu MajumdarNaxalbari – the place which inspired a virulent political movement is today hardly half an hour drive from Siliguri, hub of North Beng [...]

- Time Traveller

Other Legacies of VivekanandaSome of my friends questioned the main contention of my previous post on Swami Vivekananda - they felt that I tried to give an impression that introdu [...]

- Time Traveller

The Budget StoryJames WilsonJames Wilson arrived in India in 1859 as the first Finance Member of the Viceregal Council, entrusted with the job to establish a tax stru [...]

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Aurangzeb: History as Nationalist Projects

He tossed a coin and it fell on the floor and the packed audience looked at the speaker in curious anticipation. It was at the Physics Lecture Theatre or PLT1 at the Presidency College, Calcutta – sometime in the 1960s. It was the turn of this science student to proclaim the superiority of science over […]Read More »

Malayalam verses of a German Priest

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Bonn- the Benares on Rhine

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No country for fallen soldier

What is our name? Ghadar(Revolution). What is our work? Ghadar. Where will be the revolution? In India…” Within a few years – thus started the first issue of The Ghadar, published from San Francisco on 1 November, 1913. With the publication of this weekly magazine in Urdu and Punjabi began the Ghadar movement. In its famous masthead […]Read More »

Renaissance King of Gondal

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