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How politicians use PSUs as cash-vending machines: An RTI investigation

Right from its inception, RTI has revealed major scams and wrongdoings by the persons in the power corridors. Now, with the information received from RTI the Newslaundary exposes, how the PSUs’ money is used by politicians to fund the activities and events they are associated with. In a five part series Sandeep Pai reveals that […]Read More »

Why Nations Fail?

Economists James Robinson and Daron Acemoglu seek answers to the  origins of power, prosperity and poverty through their unique approach to economics – a series of insights explained through an anecdotal history of growth and development throughout the world.Read More »

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जीएसटी का इलाज

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What does Cabinet reshuffle say about Modi fulfilling missions before 2019?

Beyond demotions and elevations, what does the third Cabinet reshuffle tell us about the Narendra Modi government? PM Modi has trimmed the length of his dress (his big missions) given the shortage of cloth (talent). The crux of the reshuffle story does not lie in the juggling of ministerial portfolios or in the new sign-ins […]Read More »

खर्च करेंगे तो बचेंगे

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हस्ती कायम रहे हमारी

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आइये, चीन से लड़ते हैं

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आइये, चीन से लड़ते हैं

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ऑक्सीजन की कमी

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आजादी के बाद आजादी

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सावधान! जीएसटी असफल नहीं होगा

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गठबंधन हो गया, अब लड़ाई हो

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यलग़ार हो !

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विपक्ष ने क्या सीखा ?

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इंस्पेक्टर ' राज़ '

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जीएसटी का चीन कनेक्शन

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जल्दी बड़े हो जाइये

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सही साबित होने का अफसोस

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How GST will support black money !

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s war against black money has got an unanticipated antagonist right on the other side of his table. The cherished Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be the first major policy which will go against the ideals of demonetisation and transformation of Indian financial behaviour in an era of less cash. Gold […]Read More »

चुनाव से चुनाव तक

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नोटबंदी और जीएसटी

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हकीकत से इनकार

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हकीकत से इनकार

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जीएसटी के फूल-कांटे

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विकास का हठयोग

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न्यू इंडिया, न्यू डेमोक्रेसी!

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ठगे जाने का एहसास

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सीएजी से कौन डरता है?

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बड़ी मछलियां

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नोटबंदी का बजट

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ट्रंप बिगाड़ देंगे बजट

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नए टैक्स से पहले

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नोटबंदी का मलहम

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नींव का निर्माण फिर

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कल क्या होगा?

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न होती नोटबंदी तो ..

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नोटबंदी की पहली नसीहत

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8.11.16 बनाम 6.6.66 और 1.7.91

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कैशलेस कतारों का ऑडिट

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कैशलेस कतारों का ऑडिट

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मैले हाथों से सफाई!

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नोटबंदी की बैलेंस शीट

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4 disastrous effects of demonetisation that Modi ignored

In spite of several inefficiencies, fortunately, India never witnessed a bank-run or monetary crisis parallel to the scale in Europe or America. However, the chaos and long queues that engulfed banks across India now perfectly mirror the plight the Greeks faced last year, albeit for different reasons. Demonetisation is a rudimentary monetary instrument of the […]Read More »

काले धन की नसबंदी

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Modi's historic move against black money brings chaos now, gains later

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s unprecedented move to temporary demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes is expected to bring in a host of positives, it will also set off major administrative and logistical challenges at the outset, not to mention the plight of common people. The government and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will […]Read More »

देसी मिसाइल, चीनी पटाखे

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DIFF 2016 – A Peek at the Indian Short Films

Short films, like short stories have come now to stay. At a time when the consumer himself is the producer and everyone has an apparent scarcity of time, short films suit every stake holder.  Generally the budget of a short film is far less than a commercial venture which makes the young enthusiast try his/her […]Read More »

जीएसटी को बचाइए

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Diwali or not, India can't boycott Chinese goods

Last fortnight, close on the heels of the rise of firecracker nationalism against Chinese goods on social media, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was busy making adjustments for yuan’s entry into India’s foreign exchange reserves. Not only RBI, most of the global central bankers too had to alter metrics of their forex reserves after yuan’s […]Read More »

मेड इन चाइना

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सफलता की विफलता

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सफलता की विफलता

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Despite $10 billion in tax net, Modi sarkar's amnesty is a colossal failure

Despite the long history of failed tax amnesty schemes, the Narendra Modi government tried its luck with tax pardons, but to no avail. Howsoever pliable the statistics might be, the fact remains that declarations of Rs 65,250 crore under the black money disclosure scheme could attract just a moderate success for the NDA government. However, […]Read More »

चूक गए आप !

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संयम की अगली नियंत्रण रेखा

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साहस, संयम और सूझ

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बजट बंद होने से दौड़ेगी रेल ?

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ढांचागत सुधारों की नई पीढ़ी

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Surge pricing in railways is Suresh Prabhu's deliberate self-goal

Union railways minister Suresh Prabhu’s latest move of “surge pricing fare system” is a gambit to reduce finance minister Arun Jaitley’s pain, who looks all set to soon adopt country’s messy public transport behemoth. If everything goes by the plan, the 93-year old Rail Budget would cease to exist from the next financial year i.e. FY […]Read More »

आखिरी मंजिल की चुनौती

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Modi must walk the talk on GST

Even if one doesn’t buy everything that Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed in his Parliament speech on Goods and Services Tax (GST), one should acknowledge that this is one of the most crucial structural indirect tax reforms in the last 25 years of liberalisation. This may not effectively clamp down on inspector raj, or turn […]Read More »

सबसे बड़ी लड़ाई का निर्णायक मोड़

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बुरे दिन इंसाफ के

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जीएसटी हो सकता है कारगर बशर्ते .....

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जीएसटी होगा कारगर बशर्ते...

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एनडीए की जरुरत

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GST Bill an example of half-baked and vague reform

Contrary to the euphoria and costlier-cheaper headlines, the Constitution (122nd Amendment) Bill 2014 doesn’t spell out even the outline of the GST that India is expected to get in the future. The passing of the GST Bill is just the beginning of a tedious political and operational voyage that should ultimately result in the implementation […]Read More »

आगेे और महंगाई है !

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Why Vajpayee stands taller than Rao, Manmohan and Modi put together

In India, privatising a public sector company is perhaps a bigger challenge than contesting an electoral battle or even conducting a nuclear test. Don’t see it as an incongruous claim. This may well be a credible reality if one looks at the 25-year-long history of India’s economic liberalisation. In two-and-a-half decades of economic reforms, despite […]Read More »

अधूरे सुधारों का अजायबघर

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Modi's war on black money is a let-down, amnesty schemes cheat honest taxpayers

If one pays his or her taxes honestly and does not expect any favours from the government, he or she has every right to show angst over this never-ending business of amnesties to tax swindlers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi repudiated history when he, during his last Mann Ki Baat, reminded people of the September 30 […]Read More »

ताकि नजर आए बदलाव

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... तो फिर मत लाइये जीएसटी

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Special Category for Andhra will remain elusive

In February 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had assured the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu that he would consider conferring the special category status to his state. Apart from this privilege, Naidu has been demanding a special package for the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh after it was carved out from the erstwhile composite […]Read More »

बार बार मिलने वाला आखिरी मौका

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बार-बार मिलने वाला आखिरी मौका

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रघुराम राजन और मध्‍य वर्ग

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सफेद हाथियों का शौक

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Raghuram Rajan, darling of Dalal Street, ‘devil’ for Delhi Durbar

  Sometimes words speak louder than actions. If nowhere, then at least in India. RBI chief Raghuram Rajan has fallen victim to his own candid words (read speeches) on issues of political import. However, his legacy doesn’t lie in his articulations as a blunt economist but as a top-class, innovative and professional central banker. And here […]Read More »

5.80 lakh crore in bad loans: Let's pray for India's bleeding banks

The Rs 13 lakh-crore pile of bad loans of India’s public sector banks now amounts to more than the GDP of countries like New Zealand, Kenya, Oman and Uruguay. A new IMF report states Indian banks are in a poor state compared to the notoriously messy banking of China.The financial results of major public sector […]Read More »

आंकड़ों की चमकार

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Mamata, Jaya proved freebies, not good governance matter in elections now

After the Tamil Nadu and West Bengal election results, Prithviraj Chauhan, Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Hemant Soren must be cursing themselves for not being the J Jayalalitha and Mamata Banerjee of their states, who despite allegations of corruption and poor governance, turned out to be voter favourites. On the other hand, Akhilesh Yadav, Harish Rawat, Parkash […]Read More »

अब की बार बैंक बीमार

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Modi government has actually worked hard to deliver on black money

  After facing severe criticism for its lofty electoral promises on bringing black money to India, Modi sarkar appears to have stuck its neck out on dealing with the issue. The Modi-led government, running past the two-year mark in office, has taken some calculated risks to go ahead on curbing black money. To promote transparency, the government […]Read More »

हार जैसी जीत

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Politicians just love to fight over corruption, not against it

Don’t get carried away with the fight-to-finish kind of political battles between BJP and Congress over corruption, nor let loud TV debates and so-called global exposes overwhelm you. Irrespective of high decibel political drama over corruption, the fact remains that India’s track record in the fight against corruption is getting dismal and disappointing with every […]Read More »

असर तो है मगर !

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It’s Time to Put Down that Cigarette

Smoking is a leading cause of cancer and heart disease. Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in the United States (U.S.) in both men and women. Every cigarette you smoke can harm your lungs. Additionally, smoking is a serious risk factor for osteoporosis and has been shown to lower bone density and increase […]Read More »

अब मिशन पुनर्गठन

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तो कुछ करते क्यों नहीं !

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How India's wealthy are milking billions off subsidy

Do you think the politics of subsidy is only confined around lower and middle economic classes? If yes, then you would wonder how subsidies worth rupees one crore go into the pockets of the rich every year, and that too via merely seven products and services. The subsidy bill may notch up if one takes […]Read More »

निर्यात की ढलान

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‘Illuminating Ray’ A Critique on Gaston Roberge’s Satyajit Ray: Essays (1970-2005)

A lot has been written on Satyajit Ray and his work but well-informed, respectful but objective criticism remains hard to find. The time is more than ripe for mature, thoroughgoing reassessments of Ray’s cinema – and, for that matter, his literary work – but despite occasional interesting efforts in this direction, the overall picture is […]Read More »

The Pather Panchali Sketchbook – An Intricately Delicate Entry into a Master’s Creative Mind

Arguably India’s greatest filmmaker Satyajit Ray prepared the script of his first filmPather Panchali in the form of a sketch book in lieu of a traditional screenplay. The sketches were a visual guide to the film maker and one can’t but be astonished to see that there is indeed a very close resemblance between the […]Read More »

India needs a water-sensitive food trade policy

If one lists the nations most suited to produce wheat, sugarcane, cotton and soybean, China and Egypt will definitely stand atop on historical, geographical and climatic counts. World’s largest river Nile flows in Egypt which every year collects fertile soil from different countries in Africa and deposits it in its delta. On the other side […]Read More »

पानी की खेती

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यह किसका धर्म!

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More than half of Indians can’t afford doctor: Govt Survey

Financial constraints force more than half of Indians to take treatment for ailments without medical advice.  The situation is worse in urban areas, where 68.3 per cent population could not afford to go to a doctor.  This was revealed in the latest round of survey on Health in India, by the National Sample Survey Organisation. […]Read More »

Modi sarkar and telcos have both hung up on the consumers

Do you get full signal on your mobile? Is your data speed fast enough? Have mobile companies started compensating you for call drops? If your answers are a resounding “no” (naturally, they would!) then, more than the government, we ourselves are responsible. We Indians, afflicted with a strange kind of amnesia, tend to forget the […]Read More »

एक लाख करोड़ का सवाल

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Modi's foreign trips can wait. Indian trade needs emergency landing

Howsoever spectacular Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s diplomatic campaign might have been, the fact remains the void in the trade diplomacy has grown faster than ever. If the government’s own Economic Survey is to be believed, India’s foreign trade has gained momentum over the last decade with a flurry of free and preferential trade agreements signed […]Read More »

व्यापार कूटनीति का शून्य

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China’s market crash

  The recent market crash in China has sent shockwaves throughout the stock and commodity markets across the globe, raising doubts over the future of the Communist nation that has been ruled with an iron hand for 67 years by the Communist Party of China (CPC). So far a story of unprecedented success, China had […]Read More »

Modi sarkar should bet on services for dream growth

If one observes the samurais of growth driving the GDP rate above seven per cent, one wouldn’t find them in the swanky corporate offices of Mumbai and Delhi, but in the markets close to one’s home. These growth warriors make our lives easier by running eateries, repairing shops and providing dozens of similar services and […]Read More »

न सर्विस मिली, न सब्सिडी

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नौकरियों के बाजार में आरक्षण

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India’s three-tiered economy needs bottoms-up approach

Has finance minister Arun Jaitley got it right? If one looks at the economy at hand, the answer would possibly be “Yes”. India is now a three-speed economy.  Double-digit growth is confined to a section that comprises sectors such as e-commerce, travel and stock markets and accounts for 30 per cent of the GDP. Another […]Read More »

India’s Trade Gloom

  Not many years have ended with gloomier prospects for Indian trade. The gloom is not just because of the contraction in exports for 12 months in a row. It is also because India’s role and participation in global trade is becoming increasingly insignificant. The insignificance was evident from the approach to the Nairobi Ministerial. […]Read More »

ग्रोथ के सूरमा

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Caesarean Section increasing in India

New Delhi (ISJ) – Caesarean section (CS or C-section) is a surgical intervention which is carried out to ensure safety of mother and child when vaginal delivery is not possible (emergency CS) or when the doctors consider that the danger to the mother and baby would be greater with a vaginal delivery (planned CS). The […]Read More »

Sterilisation Index

Men skirt family planning methods, as India set to become most populous country New Delhi (ISJ) – The latest National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) reveals some startling facts – men in India prefers to dodge family planning methods in almost all the 15 states of which data was released by the Ministry of Health and […]Read More »

State Wise Facts of National Family Health Survey-4 (2015-16)

State Wise Charts for NFHS-4: 1. Uses of Family Planning Methods 1.a. Sterilization 2. Matrernal and Child Health 2.a.Delivery Care 2.a.a. Births Delivered by Caessarean section(%)  Read More »

तीस बनाम सत्तर

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Budget 2016: Modernising rural economy must be Modi's mission

Last fortnight, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned crop insurance in his Maan ki Baat programme, people well aware of the state of agriculture justifiably grew anxious. This was not because government’s efforts do not inspire or encourage, but because in spite of three crop failures, Indian politicians are still handling farming with a mindset […]Read More »

इक्यानवे के फेर में रेलवे

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सबसे बड़े मिशन का इंतजार

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India carries world’s highest heart disease burden

Cardio vascular diseases (CVD) form bulk of non-communicable diseases in India, resulting in 2 million deaths every year. The incidence of CVD in India is estimated to be upto four times higher than other countries. The magnitude of it in India has reached pandemic proportions, with CVD accounting for 24% of all non-communicable deaths. According […]Read More »

मंदी स्वच्छता मिशन

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Don’t make India a circus of cartels and monopolies

Facebook’s Free Basics trial was so legendary that one Ganesh could double the yield from his fields with the knowledge FB-patented internet facilitated. While, advertisements are notorious for making lofty claims, this one goes beyond limit. Considering the state of agriculture in India, this can’t even be an exception let alone a norm. As it […]Read More »

Can India finally see a Modi Budget in 2016?

When existing steel companies are already reeling under distress owing to falling demand, why is the Union government going to establish new steel companies in the public sector? What is the need for forming new banks (monetary banks) to provide loans to small companies when several financial institutions of the government are already doing this? […]Read More »

मंदी की बैलेंस शीट

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Mountain of Pendency

Whether it is implementation of Unique Identification number scheme(AADHAR), divestment of Public sector undertakings, distribution of natural resources, affairs of sports regulation bodies or even providing of shelters for poor in the chilling winters, almost every issue today ends at the doors of higher judiciary. The higher Judiciary has always received high regards from the […]Read More »

Cardio Diseases: Listen To Your Heart

Most human populations have changed lifestyles (collectively termed as epidemiological transition) due to developments in science and technology and have moved from agrarian diets and active lives to fast foods and sedentary habits. Combined with increasing tobacco use, these changes have fueled the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Cardiovascular diseases […]Read More »

सुधारों का सूचकांक

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उदार बाजार की गुलामी

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How many more taxes do we need to pay?

Public memory is usually short but the memory of taxation is even shorter. Benchmark brent crude might have tested an unprecedented low of $37 per barrel, but domestic petrol and diesel prices are still ruling higher thanks to heavy taxes. If only the debate on goods and services tax (GST) revolved around explaining this dichotomy, […]Read More »

आकस्मिकता के विरुद्ध

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कुछ अच्छे दिन हो जाएं

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  In 1775, Asaf-ud-daula chose the ancient city of Lucknow as his capital. More interested in refined enjoyments than military conquests like his predecessors, he was the right ally for the British. But it was not possible for Asaf-ud-daula to immerse himself in total luxury under the watchful eyes of his mother, the much-respected Bahu-begum […]Read More »

India sitting on an environmental tinderbox

India faces some of the gravest public health risks from environmental pollution, warns New Delhi-based environmental advocacy group, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). In the first-ever report on environmental linkages with health, CSE noted air pollution is one of the top 10 killers in the world and it is the fifth leading cause of […]Read More »

टैक्‍सेशन की नई पीढ़ी

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जीएसटी के फूल कांटे

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India needs green politics

One won’t be wrong to conclude that the winter session of Parliament wouldn’t witness even few serious words on climate change let alone an intense debate as our leaders conducted on intolerance in the beginning of session. At a time when Delhi’s toxic air and Chennai’s deluge was making even commoners sensitive about socio-economic impact […]Read More »

भारतीय सियासत का ग्रीन होल

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Metabolic Syndrome : The Silent Killer

Metabolic syndrome could be the leading killer in the coming years. One out of every third Indian is suffering from one or other form of heart diseases or 30 million heart patients in India. If the current trend continues, by 2020, India will have the highest burden of atherothombotic cardiovascular diseases and surpass any other […]Read More »

ABC of Syndrome X (Metabolic Syndrome)

Metabolic syndrome is the name for a group of risk factors that raises your risk for heart disease and other health problems, such as diabetes and stroke. It is usually associated with a clustering of at least three of five of the following medical conditions: abdominal (central) obesity, elevated blood pressure, elevated fasting plasma glucose, high serum triglycerides, and low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) […]Read More »

सवालों का सैलाब

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युआन की दहाड़

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मुश्किलों के अच्‍छे दिन

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जीत की हार

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Myths about Guru Dutt

Fifty years after his untimely death, Guru Dutt is still with us. His films are etched in public memory; his creative life is a text book for film makers and students of cinema. But it is his death, or rather the manner of it that has added that certain ingredient of enduring mystery and magnetism […]Read More »

बेचारे बैंक

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What PM Modi can learn from CM Modi

Read the Bihar mandate again! The verdict is not so much against a weakening Centre, as it is in favour of a powerful state and a strong state leadership. The results are also redolent of the Gujarat model, a model that chief minister Narendra Modi, not Prime Minister Modi mastered. The Bihar verdict suggests the […]Read More »

BJP has sadly ensured the death of electoral reforms

No matter who wins the Bihar battle or what conclusions one may derive post the election, one thing is sure that the country has embarked upon the age of its worst electoral politics. India’s ruling and largest political party has not only missed a major opportunity to commence electoral reforms, but has also left no […]Read More »

कूटनीतिक सफलता की उलटबांसी

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TPP and India: Lasting lessons

The conclusion of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) negotiations in Atlanta earlier this week brought down curtains on the most intense regional trade negotiations in modern history. Having gone on for more than five years—the first round of negotiations were held in Melbourne in March 2010—and almost two full terms of the Obama presidency, the […]Read More »

यह हार है बड़ी

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उलटा तीर

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बदलते संवादों का जोखिम

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Bihar: Facts and Fiction

  With campaigning for the assembly elections in Bihar gathering pace and heat, demands for its special category status is again in focus. In this context, various articles have appeared in the media quoting statistics from varied sources to make or unmake a point, often in isolation. Prime Minister has recently announced a mega package […]Read More »

सर्विस चाहिए, सब्सिडी नहीं

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Let’s fix the system instead of opting out

Allahabad High Court passed an interesting order last month, directing the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh to ensure that from the academic year beginning 2016, children of all officials serving with the government, including judiciary, local bodies and representatives of people, must send their children to study only in government primary schools, failing which the […]Read More »

In Search of Sikh Heritage

Few weeks back, in Palmyra (Syria), ISIS terrorists razed 2000 year old temple structures to dust. It was not the first such incident, in 2001 Taliban blew up the statues of ‘ Buddhas of Bamiyan’ by dynamite. Devil of bigotry never rests. Religious intolerance believes in demolishing anything which looks different from its own definition […]Read More »

An Indian Film Theory?

For quite some time now film scholars have discussed and debated the relevance and importance of the ‘national’ cinema vis-a-vis the Western or more prevalent Hollywood films. They have argued the scope of cultural specificity in the paradigm of cinema studies and have observed that within the national cinema as well there are ‘centre’-s and […]Read More »

कमजोरी में बदलती ताकत

बीजेपी शासित राज्यों का मुख्यमंत्री होने के अलावा आनंदीबेन पटेल, देवेंद्र फड़ऩवीस, मनोहर लाल खट्टर, वसुंधरा राजे, शिवराज सिंह चौहान और रमन सिंह के बीच एक और बड़ी समानता है. ये सभी मिलकर गुड गवर्नेंस और प्रगतिगामी राजनीति की उस चर्चा को पटरी से उतारने में अब सक्रिय भूमिका निभाने लगे हैं जो मोदी सरकार के सत्ता में आने […]Read More »

साहस का संकट

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Aurangzeb: History as Nationalist Projects

He tossed a coin and it fell on the floor and the packed audience looked at the speaker in curious anticipation. It was at the Physics Lecture Theatre or PLT1 at the Presidency College, Calcutta – sometime in the 1960s. It was the turn of this science student to proclaim the superiority of science over […]Read More »

Malayalam verses of a German Priest

German missionaries have been known for the interest they showed in the study of Indian languages, culture, customs, and religion and for their meticulous documentation and methodology. Though they were looked at with caution and skepticism for their religious bias, their works later on proved to be treasure troves for the study and understanding of […]Read More »

Bonn- the Benares on Rhine

Having arrived in rather alien surroundings of Bonn, I was searching for similarities it had with Bangalore, Delhi or my hometown, Varanasi. These are the three cities where I had spent a majority of the last decade. Chaos had made way for order, polluted air and smog had suddenly disappeared, Maruti Altos had transformed into […]Read More »

रुपया और राष्‍ट्रवाद

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Is weak rupee still a national shame for PM?

Whether India draws an economic advantage from the ongoing global turbulence or not, a substantial political advantage can definitely be churned out at the moment. It is time for our leaders to rid themselves of their unfounded misconception on the exchange value of the domestic currency, that is, the rupee. In India, the BJP and […]Read More »

खत्म हो सकेगी फांसी ?

    करीब एक साल तक चले विचार विमर्श के बाद भारत के विधि आयोग ने अपनी 262वीं रिपोर्ट 31 अगस्त 2015 को सरकार को सौंपते हुए देश में फांसी की सज़ा को जल्द से जल्द खत्म करने की सिफारिश की। हालांकि, आयोग ने आतंक के मामलों में फांसी को बनाए रखने की बात कही […]Read More »

Are we leaving undernourished to die ?

The Millennium Development Goal, MDG adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations lists eradication of extreme poverty and hunger on the top. The mandate of the UNGA is to eradicate poverty and hunger at least by half, alongwith 17 other goals including child mortality, maternal health, gender equality and empowerment of women, etc. […]Read More »

OROP: The Agony of Choice

The nation is presently in the grip of OROP (One Rank One Pension) fever. Several army veterans are fasting unto death, passions are ignited while invectives fly thick and fast. Emotion is being invoked much more than logic and facts, often misleading the people. Ex-Servicemen complain of inadequate pension due to truncated service and limited […]Read More »

Bihar polls: When package politics trumps reform

Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the formation of Niti Aayog to replace the Planning Commission from the ramparts of the Red Fort in the Capital. This year, the name did not cross his lips even once during the 86-minute Independence Day speech. The revamp of 65-year old body into Niti Aayog was touted […]Read More »

जीएसटी है, कोई जादू नहीं

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Modi’s global ambitions need a stronger domestic hold

Amid worries of taxes and price rise, few people would have noticed that the latest Budget has proposed to establish a new public sector (project development) company which will channelise Indian private corporate investment to East Asian countries of Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam (CMLV). Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be stymied on the domestic […]Read More »

वाह पैकेज, आह सुधार

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China's Harshad Mehta moment

Take a large saucepan of weak macros, pour a lot of easy money and let it heat on the stock market. Sprinkle small investors in the pan and let them soak boiling money beyond their means. Now add government funds to thicken the gravy and simmer it over low regulations for couple of months. Voila! […]Read More »

What’s so spooky?

Bad news from China doesn’t look like stopping. If the explosion in Tianjin, one of the worst industrial accidents in modern China claiming more than hundred lives and unleashing large-scale cyanide contamination, was not enough, the latest manufacturing index shows factory output having dropped to a low of 77 months. Combined with the fact that […]Read More »

Love as Obsession: Reading Alfred Hitchcock’s The Paradine Case

In his seminal book The Imaginary Signifier: Psychoanalysis and the Cinema, Christian Metz remarked ‘…film is like a mirror… although… everything comes to be projected, there is one thing, and one thing only that is never reflected in it: the spectator’s own body…the mirror suddenly becomes a clear glass’. We will here, try to understand and […]Read More »

Black money: It's now or never for Modi

Having declared from the ramparts of the Red Fort that he would bell the black money cat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi now has an opportunity to act on his words. He must not let his government get cold feet on the report of the apex court’s special investigative team (SIT) on black money. The report […]Read More »

How politicians use PSUs as cash-vending machines: An RTI investigation

Right from its inception, RTI has revealed major scams and wrongdoings by the persons in the power corridors. Now, with the information received from RTI the Newslaundary exposes, how the PSUs’ money is used by politicians to fund the activities and events they are associated with. In a five part series Sandeep Pai reveals that […]Read More »

The Great Fall of China

The weekend gone by was nothing ordinary for the financial universe. In fact, it is not Monday’s market carnage, but a few developments during late last week, that have set the course for the unprecedented turmoil across the global markets. Friday’s selloff was triggered by China’s Caixin PMI data for the August which fell to […]Read More »

Mr PM, time to ride on retail

Has BJP finally given up on its resistance to the most significant liberalisation of the Indian market? Has Prime Minister Narendra Modi gathered enough courage to awaken the tiger of retail business, which is fortified by 125 crore consumers and the potential strength of $600 billion business? If the decision to allow Foreign Portfolio Investment […]Read More »

विकल्प तो है, संकल्प कहा है?

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Ravi Shankar: Strings of Power

On Sunday 1 August, 1971, a unique charity concert was organized at the most high profile centre of American music – New York’s Madison Square Garden. This concert, planned for the victims of a devastating cyclone and ongoing liberation war in Bangladesh, was the first charity concert ever to be held. The concert, a brainchild […]Read More »

पटकथा बदलने का मौका

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Land Bill: NDA’s U-turn is not Congress triumph

The NDA has eventually eaten crow on the controversial amendments to the Land Acquisition Act of 2013, but this must not be seen as a victory for Congress as it is more of a consequence of rumblings within the party. The return of UPA’s Land Bill must be causing unease for the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah-Arun […]Read More »

Enlightened Path: Rabindranath

Even though his 150 birth anniversary had been celebrated with much fanfare by the government, seven decades after his death, Rabindranath Thakur’s legacy seems largely restricted to Bengal. Even in Bengal, as well as in Bangladesh, his chief legacy seems to be his songs. In reality, Rabindranath(1861-1941), the greatest flower of Bengal Renaissance, defined much […]Read More »

सियासी कबीले में कलाम

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पारदर्शिता का तकाजा

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इतना तो हो सकता है!

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In Greece, wise men speak and fools decide

Last November, when the Greek Supreme Court charged revered Vatopedi Monastery’s Abbot Ephraim and 14 others, including the shipping minister’s wife for forgery, Greece set off en route to become the first developed country to default on International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan repayment. It was evident that Greece would have to endure a compromise with […]Read More »

Anglo-Indians: A Forgotten Chapter of Indian Hockey

During the 2012 London Olympics, tube stations have been temporarily renamed after the greatest heroes in Olympic history. There are three Indians in the special Olympic Legends map – two of them, Dhyan Chand and his brother Roop Singh are well known. But even Indians using the Bushey station of busy London tube may not […]Read More »

यह तो मौका है!

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ग्रीक ट्रेजडी के भारतीय मिथक

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No country for fallen soldier

What is our name? Ghadar(Revolution). What is our work? Ghadar. Where will be the revolution? In India…” Within a few years – thus started the first issue of The Ghadar, published from San Francisco on 1 November, 1913. With the publication of this weekly magazine in Urdu and Punjabi began the Ghadar movement. In its famous masthead […]Read More »

Malnutrition in India

Nutrition is the very core of human development; hence, methodical management of nutrition can not only eliminate the problem of undernourishment but also may lead to a healthy world. With consistently high levels of malnutrition in the developing world, opportunities to save many lives are being lost, and millions of children are not growing and […]Read More »

इकबाल का सवाल

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Renaissance King of Gondal

When we hear of an Indian Prince of 19th-20th century, the first image, which comes to our mind, is that of limitless luxury and self-indulgence. Could you imagine an Indian ruler in late 19th century, who studied medicine abroad, became a Fellow of Royal Society, made women’s education free and compulsory in 1880s and abolished […]Read More »

फिसलन की शुरुआत

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At the Confluence of East and West

“Today transcendental meditation, Yoga, Indian philosophy, Hindu and Buddhist religions are some of the strongest points in enhancing India’s soft power quotient in the West. Many Indian religious teachers and organizations have since followed the same path to their Western audiences but it was the pioneering mission of Swami Vivekananda to introduce spiritual India in […]Read More »

Integrating Women's Concerns in Public Transport

Since December 2012, there has been increased attention to women’s experience of public transport. While the demand to make public transport safer for women is rightly emphasized, there is a need for a holistic approach to “engender public transport” i.e. making men and women’s concerns an integral part of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation (UNESCO […]Read More »

That is retrograde, Mr Jaitley

An important step in clearing our institutional financial system of the cobwebs it has gathered over the years has now been reversed, with Mr. Arun Jaitley announcing deferment of his plan to set up an independent public debt management authority, which he had promised in the budget presented earlier this year. Till now, Reserve Bank […]Read More »

'बुलेट ट्रेन' का यू टर्न

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Why AIDS gets higher slice of funds in India?

Every second death in India occurs due to one or the other non-communicable disease and one in fourth is due to cardio-vascular disease. An estimated 45 million Indians suffer from coronary artery disease (CAD). At the current rate, India will have the highest number of cardio-vascular diseases (CVD) in the world. India’s is considered to […]Read More »

नीयत, नतीजे और नियति

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जोखिम में है गवर्नेंस

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मूल्यांकन शुरु होता है अब

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रिटेल का शेर

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यह वो जीएसटी नहीं

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सबसे बड़े सुधार का मौका

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Black Money: The Big Debate

If sources close to the Black Money Bill, India’s first and major legislative initiative against unaccounted wealth, are to be believed, BJP’s irrational poll promise of bringing back black money from tax heaven is not a primary trigger behind pushing this law. Mandarins of Revenue Department are abuzz with the chatter that govt has got […]Read More »

नया एशियाई टाइगर !

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THE JEWISH DIASPORAS IN INDIA Of all the communities that immigrated into India, Jews were probably the most steadfast in retaining their communitarian identities intact all through their presence in the subcontinent. They had a fairly pronounced sense of their communitarian identity even before they came to India – and the experience of a society […]Read More »

कांग्रेस का 'राहुल काल'

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कैंसर के पैरोकार

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The Calcutta Jews: Early Settlers

Abeda Razeq Calcutta – being the capital of British India from 1772 to 1911 – and Bombay being the foremost metropolises of the East became for Jews from Baghdad, Aleppo, Syria, and other regions of the Middle East. The Baghdadi Jews constituted the latest wave of Jewish migration to India from late 18th to early […]Read More »

Coalgate Revisited

  The auction of 33 of the 204 coal mines, whose allocations were cancelled by the Sup¬re¬me Court, has just been completed. The auction has brought the government a ‘windfall gain’ of Rs 2.07 lakh crore for 19 operational blocks and 13 about-to-open blocks which were put under the hammer, against Rs 1.86 lakh crore […]Read More »

India hopes to replicate Pulse Polio strategy to immunise its children

New Delhi – India has launched an ambitious mission to reduce the burden of unvaccinated children, which currently is the highest in any country.  The mission, to be achieved in the next five years, will see borrowing the strategy employed to eradicate polio from the country.  Every year an estimated 2.64 births take place in […]Read More »

India’s health officials clash over hazards of junk food

New Delhi  – What was meant to be a consultation among stakeholders in the health sector to ensuring quality of food products, convened by World Health Organsiation, WHO and the National Centre for Disease Control in New Delhi witnessed two officials of India’s federal health ministry clashing over junk food and health hazards.Dr.Jagdish Prasad, Director […]Read More »

The smoke over smoking and cancer: even India’s health ministry has no data on tobacco-related deaths

New Delhi – As India’s anti-tobacco activists and tobacco lobby take positions, the union Health Ministry does not even have any data on tobacco-related deaths in the country.  In reply to a Right to Information application (RTA), the Ministry said “No such information (number of estimated deaths in India due to smoking related diseases) is […]Read More »

India's public spending on health 'meagre' – President

New Delhi – Exactly after almost a month and a half of his promise to the nation that his ‘government is committed to providing affordable and accessible healthcare to all its citizens’, President Pranab Mukherjee lamented on ‘meagre’ public expenditure on health. The Union Budget 2015-16, presented in Parliament by Finance Minister, saw a lower […]Read More »

मौके जो चूक गए

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कुछ तो है जिसकी पर्दादारी है

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'जमीन' से कटी सियासत

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कूटनीति का निजीकरण

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Cinematic Interpretations of Terrorism- Images, Identity and Impressions in Hindi Cinema

[Swati  Bakshi] Hindi popular cinema is a curious mix of serious real-life issues generously laced with song and dance and other elements of mass entertainment. These different elements in right proportions have ensured super success of many films and with some variations it still continues. However in the context of world cinema, Indian mainstream is […]Read More »

Will Federalism at Work Let Populism Thrive ?

The just released recommendations of the Fourteenth Finance Commission’s will have far- reaching consequences for the states of the Indian Union, with 42 percent of the central divisible pool of resources now going to them, as compared to the existing 32 percent provided by the Thirteenth Finance Commission. In terms of resources now available to […]Read More »

Swine Flu

Swine Flu cases remain unabated in India, throws up challenges to public health emergencies. New Delhi – Way back in April 2009, India’s federal health ministry issued a communique, announcing a series of preventive measures to deal with the emerging public health emergency due to Swine Influenza A or Swine Flu as is commonly known […]Read More »

India slashes health budget, as NDA government aims at ‘Health for All’

New Delhi (March 01) – The budget presented before Indian parliament by federal Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for the fiscal 2015-14 was disappointing for the healthcare sector in as much as,  “Health for All”, a key initiative of the government headed by Mr. Narendra Modi would face resource crunch.  The financial allocation for health and […]Read More »

साहस का हिसाब-किताब

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अच्‍छे दिन 'दिखाने' की कला

पिछले दो-तीन वर्षों में भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था सचमुच गहरी मंदी का शिकार थी या हमारी पैमाइश ही गलत थी? अथवा नई सरकार ने सत्ता में आने के बाद पैमाइश का तरीका बदल दिया ताकि तस्वीर को बेहतर दिखाया जा सके? गनीमत है कि भारत में आम लोग आंकड़ों को नहीं समझते. राजनीति में कुछ भी कह कर […]Read More »

29 बजटों की ताकत

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टैक्स इन इंडिया

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Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, and Michael Bloomberg of Bloomberg Philanthropies announce partnership to advance the Smart Cities Initiative

The Prime Minister described the Smart Cities Initiative as a challenging task, which nevertheless has to be undertaken to improve the quality of life for India’s urban citizens with stakeholder’s participation. ( More »

Latin America grew solar power by 370% in 2014, expected to triple again in 2015

If there’s a place where solar power makes sense, it’s Latin America. The region has many problems, but lack of sun isn’t one of them. According to a report by GTM Research, the Latin American region (Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean) installed 625 megawatts of solar photovoltaics (PV) in 2014, a 370% […]Read More »

Paris mayor wants more 'pedestrianized' city, doubling of bike lanes, and diesel ban by 2020​

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, has called for big changes to The City of Light that that would make it a healthier and more livable place. At the top of her wishlist are more pedestrianized areas in the city and a doubling of bike lanes, along with a goal that will certainly prove to […]Read More »

Interesting Experiment:France will pay people to bike to work to see what happens

A 6-month experiment has begun in France to try to boost cycling. 20 companies and institutions with around 10,000 employees will be paying 25 Euro cents (about 34 US cents) per kilometer that is biked to the workplace. France isn’t the first country in Europe to do this; Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Britain […]Read More »

We'll give you €10,000 if you swap that old diesel for a plug-in vehicle, says France govt

France is experimenting with all kinds of ways to reduce pollution from transportation, from paying people to bike to the classics, like creating more bike lanes and pedestrians areas. A new initiative, presented by former presidential candidate Ségolène Royal, who is now Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (long title!), takes the form of […]Read More »

Apple to build solar farm big enough to power 60,000 homes, will power 'Spaceship' HQ

​ At a tech conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company would be building a gigantic new solar farm with First Solar to produce enough clean energy to not only power all of its new ‘Spaceship’ HQ in Cupertino, but all of it’s Californian operations. This is in addition to the multiple solar […]Read More »

The legend of Soumitra Chatterjee

[Photo Courtsey : Amitava Nag] “I have always been in doubt about my work. I always thought that entertainment business was not worthwhile but time and again for more than 50 years I have been accepted, loved and made to feel as one of my own by my countrymen. I love them [viewers] and that […]Read More »

No more electoral lies, please, Period!

Nobody could have thought that an effective uprising against political lying would come to an edge so quickly in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement to recover black money stashed abroad and deposit “Rs 15 lakh in each bank account” was indeed an audacious political lie which time and again reverberated through his high decibel […]Read More »

केजरीवाल का डर

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अच्‍छे दिन 'दिखाने' की कला

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दिल्ली दिखायेगी राह

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Special Category Status for Bihar ?

Before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the then Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar – in an apparent political bid to counter BJP and its then Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, raised the pitch for special category status for Bihar. Though a lot of changes have taken place politically both in New Delhi and Patna since […]Read More »

Scary Banking: A Tale of Rotten Credits and High Interest Rates

1. For every rupee that banks in India have lent in the nine months to December 2013, 13 paise has turned bad  – RBI data 2.   Stressed assets among PSU banks have reached alarming proportions of approximately 112% of equity – PWC (May 2014) 3.    The cost of cleaning up banks’ balance sheets […]Read More »

Battle lines – Bihar 2015

2015 Vidhan sabha elections in Bihar are a big test for all political parties. Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) is looking to stay relevant after a complete rout in the last Lok Sabha. Laloo’s RJD is also facing a credibility crisis, with him unable to contest elections. BJP has to build on the gains made in the […]Read More »

जिनपिंग का स्वच्छता मिशन

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Evelyn Nesbit: The world’s first supermodel

Evelyn Nesbit achieved great fame more than a century ago as a model. She revolutionised cultural life, writes Lindsay Baker. What makes a supermodel? A preternatural beauty, of course, but there is more – a certain charisma, an unerring fashion instinct, a steely resilience, sex appeal. And a mere model becomes a ‘super’ when she […]Read More »

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve public health, promote individual well-being and eliminate health disparities across India and around the world. Through this website, we hope to disseminate health related information and create public awareness. We aim to preserve, and improve the general health and hygiene of populations, communities, and individuals. To fulfill this mission, we […]Read More »

What makes a city "Smart" ?

Transport (#SmartCity) 1. Maximum travel time of 30 minutes in small & medium size cities and 45 minutes in metropolitan areas 2. Continuous unobstructed footpath of minimum 2m wide on either side of all street with RoW 12m or more 3. Dedicated and physically segregated bicycle tracks with a width of 2mor more, one in […]Read More »

Why Nations Fail?

Economists James Robinson and Daron Acemoglu seek answers to the  origins of power, prosperity and poverty through their unique approach to economics – a series of insights explained through an anecdotal history of growth and development throughout the world.Read More »

Elusive World Heritage Tag for Delhi and Hyderabad?

Will UNESCO heritage tag remain elusive for both Delhi and Hyderabad? The World Heritage Committee is scheduled to meet in Bonn, Germany June next year to discuss which monuments would get the coveted World Heritage Site tag. Among the dossiers sent to UNESCO from India are those of a group of Hyderabad monuments – the […]Read More »

Third Phase of Mumbai Urban Transport Project To Be Launched soon

Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu has recently announced that the third phase of the Mumbai Urban Transport Project, MUTP would be launched soon. This announcement came soon after his meeting with Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis – cash-strapped railways are reportedly looking forward to financial participation of the state government in this venture. The Mumbai Railway […]Read More »

Smart City Deal Likely To Be Signed During Obama Visit

During the forthcoming visit of President Obama, India and USA are expected to sign a landmark agreement to build three smart cities in Allahabad, Ajmer and Vishakhapatnam. This American participation in Modi’s flagship infrastructure project was earlier decided during Prime Minister’s visit to Washington. Now top US corporates like Cisco, IBM, 3M, GE, Honeywell, KPMG, […]Read More »

Bomb and the Bill: Economic Impact of Terrorism

A year after 9/11, the Comptroller of the City of New York gave a report on economic consequences of the attack. The report pegged the property losses at $21.4 billion – otherwise a huge amount but actually just 0.2% of US GDP. The report, however, observes that there was a large economic loss in terms […]Read More »

Antibiotic Resistance

Why should I be worried about Antibiotic Resistance?   The use of antibiotics has enabled us to cure many diseases, however, with their excessive usage, more pathogenic microbes are developing resistance to them resulting in the loss of their efficacy and necessitating invention of new ones to replace them. This poses an urgent threat to public […]Read More »

भूमिहीन मेक इन इंडिया

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संयम की नियंत्रण रेखा

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बेहद सख्त है यह जमीन

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Indian researchers warn, stem cell is no panacea for stroke

New Delhi (ISJ) – Researchers at India’s premier All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have warned, stem cell therapy does not offer any benefit for treatment of stroke-affected.  In a study, spanning over six years, researchers led by Dr. Kameshwar Prasad, head of neurology department at AIIMS, found patients suffering from disabling and incurable […]Read More »

Heart's own immune cells can help it heal; study

Washington, USA (ISJ) – Latest research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shows, heart holds its own pool of immune cells capable of helping it heal after injury. Normally when the heart is injured, these beneficial immune cells are supplanted by immune cells from the bone marrow, which are spurred to converge […]Read More »

First time in India, Kerala hospital performs a unique treatment to cure acute blood cancer

Kochi (ISJ) – Nineteen-year-old Neena (name changed) was suffering from acute blood cancer or acute myeloid leukaemia. Her disease developed into a life-threatening stage even after two cycles of chemotherapy. She did not have a human leukocyte antigen, or HLA-matched related or unrelated donor for a stem cell transplant, the standard procedure for such medical […]Read More »

Kolkata: Requiem for a City

Every time I come out of my flight at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport and then on to the roads of the City of Joy, I get a distinct feeling of being back in my native village. This time as I came out of the airport – dirty and shabby as usual – and […]Read More »


“The problems that had triggered across the region the ripple of dissent known as the Arab Spring – economic stagnation, price rise, rising unemployment in the background of authoritarian rule – have not disappeared during the period of turmoil. Given the strategic significance of Egypt in the global trade in oil on account of the […]Read More »


Sunil Patel had never been published before he decided to go to Syria in August 2012 to become a war correspondent. Before his trip, the 25-year-old worked as a community-support officer for the London Police. Sunil Patel had never been published before he decided to go to Syria in August 2012 to become a war […]Read More »

Uttarakhand flood: A Himalayan blunder

Heavy rainfall has wreaked havoc on the region because of the fragile nature of the Himalayan range and poor soil stability in its steep slopes. But it is man-made factors that have compounded the scale of the disaster. Unabated expansion of hydro-power projects and construction of roads to accommodate ever-increasing tourism, especially religious tourism, are […]Read More »

Ebola Virus

INTRODUCTION 1. Ebola is a rare but deadly virus that causes bleeding inside and outside the body. 2. The first Ebolavirus species was discovered in 1976 in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo near the Ebola River. Since then, outbreaks have appeared sporadically. 3. As the virus spreads through the body, it […]Read More »

लोकलुभावनवाद की ‘घर वापसी’

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2002 बनाम 2014

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वाजपेयी,गवर्नेंस और मोदी

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सियासत के झूठे सच

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छह महीने और तीन प्रतीक

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