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5.80 lakh crore in bad loans: LetR...

The Rs 13 lakh-crore pile of bad loans of India’s public sector banks now amounts to more than the GDP of countries like New Zealand, Kenya, Oman and Uruguay. A new IMF report states Indian banks are in a poor state compared to the notoriously messy banking of China.The financial results of major public sector banks (PSBs) show that out of 2 [...]

Scary Banking: A Tale of Rotten Credi...

1. For every rupee that banks in India have lent in the nine months to December 2013, 13 paise has turned bad  – RBI data 2.   Stressed assets among PSU banks have reached alarming proportions of approximately 112% of equity – PWC (May 2014) 3.    The cost of cleaning up banks’ balance sheets could be as high as 4 per cent of GDP — slig [...]

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