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What PM Modi can learn from CM Modi

Read the Bihar mandate again! The verdict is not so much against a weakening Centre, as it is in favour of a powerful state and a strong state leadership. The results are also redolent of the Gujarat model, a model that chief minister Narendra Modi, not Prime Minister Modi mastered. The Bihar verdict suggests the BJP unsuccessfully tried to [...]

BJP has sadly ensured the death of el...

No matter who wins the Bihar battle or what conclusions one may derive post the election, one thing is sure that the country has embarked upon the age of its worst electoral politics. India’s ruling and largest political party has not only missed a major opportunity to commence electoral reforms, but has also left no stone unturned to authen [...]

Bihar: Facts and Fiction

nar b
  With campaigning for the assembly elections in Bihar gathering pace and heat, demands for its special category status is again in focus. In this context, various articles have appeared in the media quoting statistics from varied sources to make or unmake a point, often in isolation. Prime Minister has recently announced a mega package [...]

Special Category Status for Bihar ?

MOdi nitish
Before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the then Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar – in an apparent political bid to counter BJP and its then Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, raised the pitch for special category status for Bihar. Though a lot of changes have taken place politically both in New Delhi and Patna since then still on th [...]

Battle lines – Bihar 2015

Battle lines – Bihar 2015
2015 Vidhan sabha elections in Bihar are a big test for all political parties. Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) is looking to stay relevant after a complete rout in the last Lok Sabha. Laloo’s RJD is also facing a credibility crisis, with him unable to contest elections. BJP has to build on the gains made in the Lok Sabha and figure out its [...]

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