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Modi’s war on black money is a ...

If one pays his or her taxes honestly and does not expect any favours from the government, he or she has every right to show angst over this never-ending business of amnesties to tax swindlers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi repudiated history when he, during his last Mann Ki Baat, reminded people of the September 30 deadline as the last oppor [...]

Black money: It’s now or never ...

Having declared from the ramparts of the Red Fort that he would bell the black money cat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi now has an opportunity to act on his words. He must not let his government get cold feet on the report of the apex court’s special investigative team (SIT) on black money. The report has verifiably exposed the links be [...]

Black Money: The Big Debate

If sources close to the Black Money Bill, India‚Äôs first and major legislative initiative against unaccounted wealth, are to be believed, BJP’s irrational poll promise of bringing back black money from tax heaven is not a primary trigger behind pushing this law. Mandarins of Revenue Department are abuzz with the chatter that govt has [...]

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