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India carries world’s highest heart d...

Cardio vascular diseases (CVD) form bulk of non-communicable diseases in India, resulting in 2 million deaths every year. The incidence of CVD in India is estimated to be upto four times higher than other countries. The magnitude of it in India has reached pandemic proportions, with CVD accounting for 24% of all non-communicable deaths. Acco [...]

Cardio Diseases: Listen To Your Heart

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Most human populations have changed lifestyles (collectively termed as epidemiological transition) due to developments in science and technology and have moved from agrarian diets and active lives to fast foods and sedentary habits. Combined with increasing tobacco use, these changes have fueled the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, hypertensio [...]

Heart’s own immune cells can he...

Heart’s own immune cells can help it heal; study
Washington, USA (ISJ) – Latest research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shows, heart holds its own pool of immune cells capable of helping it heal after injury. Normally when the heart is injured, these beneficial immune cells are supplanted by immune cells from the bone marrow, which are spurred to converge in the he [...]

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